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About Us

A team made up of individuals with many different skills. From the Managing Director whose from an insurance and call center background , the Financial Director with many years in the accounting industry to the Business Development Director who has a vast knowledge of the call center industry.

So Why A Call Center

Lower costs
Proponents of offshore outsourcing claim that it significantly reduces or eliminates the costs associated with running a call center. When call center operational, infrastructure, overhead and labor costs are significantly reduced (or being handled by an external service provider), the savings can be significant.


Eliminate staffing issues
External service providers typically handle all of the hiring, training, scheduling, and managing of a team of call center agents. This can save your company time, money and headache.


24/7 customer service for a fraction of the price
Outsourcing call center functions often allow companies to provide 24/7 customer support at a price point that won’t break the bank.


Easily handle overflow call volume
Outsourcing part of your call center operation to a service provider (that is only responsible for answering overflow calls during periods of high call volume) can be an invaluable solution to a costly problem.


Increase business continuity
When your call center provider guarantees 100% uptime, has servers located in multiple geographic locations and has staff dedicated to making sure call quality is excellent round the clock, you can be more confident with their ability to meet your customer’s needs.

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